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March Madness Deals: Score Big with Grubhub

March Madness Deals: Score Big with Grubhub

Score Big with Grubhub’s March Madness Deals

As the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament takes over, Grubhub is bringing the heat with incredible deals to make March Madness even more thrilling. From tantalizing Taco Bell offers to delightful discounts at Wendy’s, Grubhub ensures you won’t have to miss a second of the action. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of these offers and celebrate every victory bite.

Unmissable Deals Throughout the Tournament

Grubhub’s special March Madness promotion rolls out in phases, each designed to keep the excitement alive as the tournament progresses. Beginning March 21 and running through April 8, these deals come from popular favorites like Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and, of course, Buffalo Wild Wings – a must for any basketball viewing party.

Notably, for Amazon Prime Members, the collaboration between Amazon and Grubhub is a game-changer. A year‘s free subscription to Grubhub+, offering benefits like waived delivery fees and exclusive discounts, makes this March madness even more worthwhile.

Tasty Highlights from the Promotion

Each phase of the NCAA tournament unveils new deals to keep the spirits high. Here’s a quick overview of some standout offers:

  • Taco Bell’s Buy-One-Get-One on Cantina menu items for orders over $15.
  • Free Baconators at Wendy’s for orders surpassing $25.
  • Popeyes’ six-piece Buffalo wings offered for free on orders over $20.

Besides scoring with these mouth-watering deals, Grubhub users can also benefit from reduced service fees and additional credits on pickup orders, making every game night a win.

How to Get in on the Action

If you’re already a Prime member, activating your Grubhub+ benefit is simple. Just sign in to your Grubhub account through Amazon, and you’re set to enjoy free delivery and a plethora of other perks throughout the NCAA basketball tournament. It’s a perfect way to enhance your March Madness experience without missing out on the comfort food that makes every game a little more enjoyable.

From the initial games to the final bracket showdowns, having your favorite meals delivered to your doorsteps ensures you’re fueled and ready to cheer on your top teams. So why wait? Take advantage of these slam-dunk deals and make Grubhub your MVP for March Madness indulgence.

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