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Panera Bread Class Action Settlement: A $2 Million Resolution

Panera Bread Class Action Settlement: A $2 Million Resolution

Panera Bread Class Action Settlement: Essential Details Unveiled

The recent buzz around Panera Bread has been quite different from its usual fanfare about warm soups and artisanal sandwiches. The beloved eatery announced a $2 million settlement that resolves a class action lawsuit, stirring both concern and curiosity among its customers. This action followed allegations of misleading pricing for delivery orders, a claim Panera Bread has neither confirmed nor denied.

Understanding the Settlement

In a move similar to the class action faced by Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread found itself in hot water for the way it priced delivery orders. The lawsuit alleged that the company elevated prices on their delivery menu, deviating from the costs listed for dine-in or pick-up options. While many businesses apply delivery fees, the crux of the complaint lay in the lack of transparency concerning these additional charges.

As part of the settlement, Panera Bread agreed to a $2 million deal to lay the case to rest. This decision underscores the importance of clarity and honesty in customer transactions, reiterating that trust is just as crucial as the quality of service provided.

Eligibility and Claim Filing

For those looking to file a claim against the Panera Bread class action settlement, there are specific criteria to meet. Eligibility involves having placed a delivery order through Panera’s app or website between October 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021. Verification will require the phone number used during the order placement, ensuring a smooth and secure process for claimants.

The settlement offers two forms of recompense:

  • Two vouchers, each worth $9.50, redeemable for items from the ‘Soup & Mac’ menu.
  • A $12 monetary compensation via PayPal, Venmo, or another electronic payment method.

It’s important to note, the final amounts could vary depending on the total number of participants electing for the settlement, thus potentially reducing the value of individual compensations.

Important Dates and Next Steps

Those eligible have until June 10 to submit their claims. A court hearing set for May 31st will precede the distribution of awards, with all compensations scheduled to be issued within 60 days following court certification of the settlement.

This class action settlement illustrates the growing scrutiny on pricing transparency in the food delivery sector. Both businesses and consumers stand to learn from the Panera Bread case—the former in understanding the legal and reputational risks of opaque pricing, and the latter in knowing the rights and protections available to them as consumers.


For Panera Bread, navigating this class action settlement provides an opportunity to refine business practices and reinforce its commitment to customer satisfaction. For consumers, it serves as a reminder to scrutinize and question discrepancies in pricing, especially in an era where digital orders have become the norm.

Stay tuned to both the company’s site and legal channels for updates on the Panera Bread class action settlement, and ensure your rights as a consumer are fully protected.

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