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Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad Critique: Peanut Allergy Concerns

Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad Critique: Peanut Allergy Concerns

Super Bowl: Uber Eats Advert Criticized for Peanut Allergy Joke

The Super Bowl is an event that captures the attention of millions worldwide, not only for the thrilling football action but also for the highly anticipated commercials. However, one advert has sparked a significant amount of controversy this year. Uber Eats, a popular food delivery service, released a Super Bowl advert that has been heavily criticized for making light of a serious health issue: peanut allergy. This has led to backlash from various organizations and individuals who found the joke in poor taste.

Understanding the Controversy

In the contentious Uber Eats Super Bowl advert, a scene depicted a man experiencing an allergic reaction after consuming peanut butter, unaware that peanuts are the primary ingredient. This attempt at humor did not sit well with viewers, especially those in the peanut allergy community. Notably, the Food Allergy Research & Education organization expressed disappointment, emphasizing the dangers of trivializing food allergies.

The Response from the Community

Individuals with peanut allergies shared their frustration online, calling the ad “disgusting” and “tone-deaf.” The portrayal of an allergic reaction was seen as unnecessary and contributing to the misunderstanding and mishandling of food allergies. One content manager, who is also allergic to peanuts, highlighted how such representations can encourage bullying and misinform the public about the severity of food allergies.

Uber Eats’ Commitment to the Food Allergy Community

In light of the criticism, there is a growing call for Uber Eats to demonstrate greater sensitivity and support towards the food allergy community. Suggestions include better communication of customer’s dietary restrictions to restaurants and a commitment to educate the platform’s users about food allergies. This kind of initiative could not only improve service for those with allergies but also foster a more inclusive environment.

The Impact of Super Bowl Adverts

Super Bowl adverts are a powerful platform, often remembered and discussed long after the game is over. It’s crucial for companies like Uber Eats to ensure their content is respectful and conscientious, especially on such a grand stage. While the intention might be to entertain, it’s important to remember that millions of viewers include individuals dealing with issues mocked or trivialized in such adverts.


The backlash against the Uber Eats Super Bowl advert serves as a reminder of the importance of thoughtful advertising. With great reach comes great responsibility. As we move forward, let’s hope for more sensitivity and awareness in how adverts communicate, ensuring no one feels alienated or ridiculed for their health conditions.

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