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Darkrai Pokémon GO Guide: How to Catch and Get Shiny

Darkrai Pokémon GO Guide: How to Catch and Get Shiny

Catching Darkrai in Pokémon GO

Ever wondered about how to get Darkrai, the elusive Dark-type Pokémon, in Pokémon GO? Since its first appearance during the Halloween event in 2019, Darkrai has sparked interest among players. This Mythical Pokémon not only boasts impressive stats but also harbors the ability to shine in its shiny form, released in 2020. Here, we dive into the essentials of capturing Darkrai and increasing your chances of encountering its shiny variant.

Darkrai’s Stats and Moves

As a formidable Dark-type, Darkrai presents a 285 Attack, 198 Defense, and 172 Stamina. Equipped with Fast Moves like Snarl and Feint Attack, along with Charged Moves such as Dark Pulse and Focus Blast, Darkrai stands out in battle. Experienced trainers recommend using an Elite Charged TM for unlocking exclusive moves like Sludge Bomb, thus enhancing Darkrai’s arsenal.

Finding and Battling Darkrai

Since trading isn’t an option for Darkrai in Pokémon GO, your quest to add this Dark Pokémon to your collection boils down to capturing it. The most reliable method? Engaging in 5-star raids. Preparing a team of Fairy-, Fighting-, and Bug-type Pokémon is crucial for overcoming Darkrai’s prowess. Post-battle, you have a shot at encountering Darkrai, with its CP ranging based on prevailing weather conditions.

Odds of Shiny Darkrai

The allure of Shiny Darkrai continues to captivate. Accessible through 5-star raids and GO Battle League encounters, your persistence in these challenges offers a 1 in 20 chance of stumbling upon a shiny variant. Remember, luck plays its part, and encountering one isn’t guaranteed on the 20th try but knowing there’s a consistent chance keeps the excitement alive.

Valuable Tips for Capturing Darkrai

  • Enlist the best counters: Preparing your squad with Fairy-, Fighting-, and Bug-type Pokémon enhances your chances in raids against Darkrai.
  • Understand CP variations: Weather impacts the CP of Darkrai you encounter, thus tailoring your strategy to the current weather could be beneficial.
  • Persistence is key: Despite the 1 in 20 chance for a shiny encounter, consistently participating in raids increases your cumulative chances.

In conclusion, catching Darkrai in Pokémon GO requires patience, the right tactics, and a bit of luck, especially for those hunting its shiny form. Keeping up with event schedules and remaining active in raids can significantly elevate your chances of adding Darkrai to your collection. Happy hunting!

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