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Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Beta: Sign Up Details and Overview

Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Beta: Sign Up Details and Overview

Exciting News for Final Fantasy XIV and Xbox Fans Alike

The long wait is over for Xbox enthusiasts and Final Fantasy XIV aficionados. The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 14 Xbox beta is making its way to Xbox, offering a golden opportunity for fans to dive into one of the most beloved MMORPGs by Square Enix. Mark your calendars, as the open beta kicks off this week, a momentous occasion you won’t want to miss.

Everything You Need to Know About the Beta

The big day is set for Wednesday, February 21, when the Final Fantasy 14 Xbox beta begins. It’s a unique chance to get a firsthand experience of the game on the Xbox Series X|S. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the realm of Eorzea, this beta is poised to offer something exciting for everyone.

Fans should note, those with a free trial version on a different platform or a license for the game registered to a Square Enix account will need to hold off on this beta event. But worry not, as the full Final Fantasy 14 Xbox version is set to launch this spring, bringing the complete experience to your console.

How to Join the Fantasy

Joining the Final Fantasy 14 Xbox beta is quite straightforward. Players looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox need to link their Square Enix and Xbox accounts. Remember, once linked, these accounts cannot be unlinked, so it’s best to wait for the full Xbox launch before making this commitment.

The beta welcomes players starting at 8am GMT / 3am EST / 12am PST. If you don’t find the beta live right on the Dot, there’s no need for alarm; minor launch issues may cause slight delays. Once you’re in, you don’t need an Xbox Game Pass subscription for the beta phase. However, the full version will require an active Game Pass subscription on top of the base game’s subscription.

To demonstrate the cost implications and help you make the most informed decision, let’s look at a simple table comparing subscription options:

Subscription Type Cost
Xbox Game Pass Core See official site
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate See official site
FFXIV 30-day Entry Tier See game’s site
FFXIV 30-day Standard Tier See game’s site

Setting Up For a Smooth Start

Before jumping in, there are a few settings adjustments you’ll need to make for a seamless experience. Navigate through your console’s settings to ensure your privacy and online safety configurations are set up correctly. These simple adjustments ensure you’re ready for action the moment the Final Fantasy 14 Xbox beta goes live.

As this epic saga unfolds on Xbox, fans are in for a treat. The Final Fantasy 14 Xbox beta is a testament to the enduring appeal and expanding universe of Final Fantasy XIV. This beta marks the beginning of a new chapter for Xbox players, offering an immersive experience full of adventure, camaraderie, and the rich storytelling that Final Fantasy games are renowned for. Make sure to dive in and witness the magic of Eorzea on your Xbox.

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