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Millie Bobby Brown Dazzles in Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ Phenomenon

Millie Bobby Brown Dazzles in Netflix's 'Damsel' Phenomenon

‘Damsel’ Takes Over Netflix With Impressive Debut

Millie Bobby Brown shines again on Netflix with her latest hit, ‘Damsel’. This captivating film has not only become a fan favorite but also topped the English film charts on Netflix, revealing the undying love and admiration for Millie Bobby Brown’s talent. Furthermore, ‘Stranger Things’, another Netflix sensation starring Brown, continues to leave its mark, showcasing Netflix’s knack for delivering binge-worthy content.

The Phenomenal Reach of ‘Damsel’

Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Damsel’ recorded an astonishing 35.3M views in just the first three days of its release. Such an impressive feat easily propelled it to the pinnacle of the English film charts on Netflix. Notably, ‘Damsel’ dominated in 79 countries, a testament to Netflix’s global appeal and Brown’s star power.

Interestingly, the movie achieved more than three times the viewership of its closest competitor, ‘Code 8: Part II’. This dominance illustrates the strong pull of quality content combined with a beloved actress like Millie Bobby Brown.

Netflix’s Diverse Top Charts

The appeal of Netflix also extends to various genres and formats. For instance, ‘The Gentlemen’ took the top spot on the TV side with 12.2M views. This variety in content, from ‘Damsel’ led by Millie Bobby Brown to other genres, underscores Netflix’s ability to cater to diverse tastes.

Other notable mentions in the top films include ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa’, further emphasizing Netflix’s expansive entertainment catalog.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Unwavering Popularity

Beyond ‘Damsel’, Millie Bobby Brown’s role in ‘Stranger Things’ has played a significant part in cementing her status as a Netflix icon. Her performances have not only garnered critical acclaim but have also made a significant impact on viewers worldwide.

Project Views
‘Damsel’ 35.3M in the first three days
‘Stranger Things’ Constant High Viewership

The table above highlights the incredible reach of Millie Bobby Brown’s projects on Netflix. It’s evident that Netflix, coupled with Brown’s talent, makes for an unbeatable combination.


Netflix continues to lead the way in digital entertainment, with projects like ‘Damsel’ and ‘Stranger Things’ reinforcing its dominance. Millie Bobby Brown, with her exceptional talent, plays a crucial role in this success story, proving that quality content and outstanding performances are key to captivating audiences worldwide. As Netflix keeps pushing the boundaries, viewers can look forward to more groundbreaking content in the future.

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