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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes: Oscars Night Insight

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes: Oscars Night Insight

Why Eva Mendes Didn’t Walk Oscars Carpet with Ryan Gosling: ‘Of Course She’s Proud and Excited’ (Exclusive)

At the Heart of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, the 96th Academy Awards brought together the brightest stars, with one noticeable absence. Eva Mendes, renowned for both her acting prowess and her enduring partnership with Ryan Gosling, chose not to attend the Oscars, sparking curiosity and admiration alike. The couple, whose romance blossomed on the set of their 2012 movie The Place Beyond the Pines, have since become a paradigm of privacy and mutual respect in an industry often marked by its lack thereof.

The Significance of Privacy

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have consistently maintained a low-profile approach to their relationship, focusing on their family while navigating the complexities of fame. Despite Gosling’s Nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Barbie, Mendes’ decision to stay behind the scenes underscores a principle they’ve long upheld. “They try their best to stay out of the spotlight,” a source close to them shared, highlighting the couple’s dedication to a lifestyle that prioritizes their personal life over public expectations.

A Supportive Partnership

While Eva Mendes opted out of the Oscar festivities, her support for Ryan Gosling remained as steadfast as ever. The couple, who share daughters Esmeralda and Amada, exemplify a supportive partnership ethos. “For them, the most important job is their girls. Everything else comes second,” the source added, illustrating Mendes and Gosling’s shared values and priorities. Mendes, in her own right, has shifted her focus towards her family, a decision that both she and Gosling cherish deeply. This dedication to their personal life over the allure of Hollywood represents a refreshing divergence from the norm.

A Celebration of Family and Career

Mandi Gosling and Donna, Ryan’s sister and mother, respectively, accompanied him at the Academy Awards, showcasing the actor’s deep family ties. This family-centric approach was not only evident at the Oscars but is a recurring theme in Gosling and Mendes’ life. Despite not walking the Red carpet together, Mendes’ humorous Instagram post about needing Gosling to help put their kids to bed after his Oscars performance as Ken in Barbie was a lighthearted reminder of their grounded existence amidst Hollywood’s hustle and bustle.


The narrative of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes is one that captivates and inspires. In an industry where public appearances and red carpet moments often define celebrity relationships, Gosling and Mendes have carefully crafted a different path. Opting for privacy, family, and love over the spotlight, their story is a testament to the strength and depth of their partnership. At the 96th Academy Awards, while Ryan Gosling celebrated his nomination and the success of Barbie, the spirit of his relationship with Eva Mendes was unmistakably present, echoing the sentiment that true support often shines brightest from behind the scenes.

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